Solveig Perret

Solveig comes from the French Alps near Grenoble. After graduating in science in highschool, she chose to attend a two-year “classe préparatoire aux Grandes Ecoles” in physics, chemistry and mathematics in order to pass the national entrance exam to the French “Grandes Ecoles” (Engineering schools).

After these two years of hard work, she was admitted at the National Engineering Institute of Mechanics and Microtechnology (ENSMM) in Besançon (France) for a master’s degree.

During the first year, she was selected for a double master degree partnership with the University of Ilmenau in Germany. The first required step of this program was to do an internship in a German speaking country in order to graduate a bachelor level. Her Internship took place at the HSG-IMIT in Villingen-Schwenningen (Germany), a leading provider for microsystem technology. It is during that period that she studied the properties of carbon oxide to develop a new thermal micro-sensor.

She then attended the University of Ilmenau for three semesters, with courses oriented in mechatronics. During the first two semesters, she worked on the transfer function identification of a rotor with mounted magnetic bearings.

After those three semesters in Germany, she did a final semester at the ENSMM with a specialty in biomedical systems, during which she worked on Infrared-sensors and their application in micro-foundry.

For her master thesis, she worked at the Institute for micro- and nano-technology (ZMN) at the University of Ilmenau, which consisted in the development and improvement of a new Lamb-wave based biomedical-sensor. In the end, she graduated with both a master’s degree in Mechatronics and a French engineering diploma.

From now on, she is currently working on her PhD as a part of the European SUPUVIR ITN project. She is focusing on the generation of an ultraviolet-visible supercontinuum by using specifically doped optic fibers. Watch this video for more information about my project.


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