Chetan Poudel


Chetan is from Nepal. He received his Bachelors degree (B.A. with honours) in Physics from Oberlin College in the United States in 2014. After graduation, he worked at the University of Wisconsin-Madison under the supervision of Dr. Matthew J. Merrins for two years as an Associate Research Specialist. He used two-photon microscopy for fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM) to study the effects of aging and diabetes on pancreatic cells. He also set up an electrophysiology rig to perform simultaneous imaging and patch-clamp studies.

In 2017, Chetan started his PhD at the University of Cambridge as a member of the Laser Analytics group, under the supervision of Professor Clemens Kaminski. His primary objective for the SUPUVIR project is to develop an automated, advanced microscopic screening platform using supercontinuum excitation sources. He will be exploiting the large bandwidth and short pulse length of supercontinuum sources to acquire images in which each pixel is resolved with lifetime, polarization, and spectral information. The acquisition of this multidimensional information would allow studying in great detail the protein interactions and drug effects in living cells and organisms. By automating image acquisition, he hopes to collect data faster and in a high-throughput manner over extended periods of time.


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20 APRIL 2024