SUPUVIR is the acronym for SUPercontinuum broadband light sources covering UV to IR applications. SUPUVIR will combine the efforts of 6 academic and 4 non-academic beneficiaries to train 15 early-stage researchers (ESRs) for the growing industry within SC broadband light sources, giving them extensive knowledge in silica and soft-glass chemistry, preform design and fibre drawing, linear and nonlinear fibre and waveguide characterization, nonlinear fibre optics, SC modelling, SC system design, patent protection, and in-depth knowledge of a broad range of the main applications of SC high-power broadband light sources. The strong blend of academic and non-academic sectors in the Consortium will give the ESRs a unique chance to develop a wide set of technical and transferrable skills, thus preparing them for long-time employment in the academic and industrial sectors. 

Scientifically, SUPUVIR aims at solving current challenges preventing SC light sources from taking over key market shares or from being used for cutting-edge research. Specifically, the objectives are to reduce noise and increase pulse energy of SC modules, as well as investigate SC generation in emerging wavelength regimes (UV and mid-IR) including fabrication of novel fibres and waveguides, and finally using SC sources for applications as to gain valuable knowledge of application requirements. This research and development will provide improved SC sources and SC spectra, enabling new science and applications for optical imaging, spectroscopy, sensing and control. Specific fields benefiting from this include optical coherence tomography, IR multimodal spectroscopy, confocal and fluorescence microscopy, photoacoustic imaging, and food quality control.

20 APRIL 2024