Zahra Eslami

Zahra Eslami is from Iran. In the year 2011, she received her B.Sc. degree in Atomic and Molecular Physics, at department of physics of the University of Tabriz (Iran). She subsequently conducted her MSc degree in the field of Photonics at Shahid Beheshti University (the Center of Excellence in photonics in Middle East) in Iran. Her MSc thesis obtained in 2014 dealt with “simulation and fabrication of polymeric Mach-Zehnder waveguide and improvement of all optical switching based on azo dye-doped polymer film”.

As from August 2017, Ms. Eslami has joined the laboratory of Photonics within the framework of the Innovative Training Network SUPUVIR that brings together universities, research centers and companies from different countries to train a new generation of researchers. The main goal of her PhD in this large scale project is to generate ultrabroadband light source in the mid-infrared spectral region and demonstrate the benefits of such light source in practical applications including remote sensing and imaging in partnership with collaborating universities. The potential results of the research are vast with potential breakthroughs for high resolution non-invasive remote measurements and identification of materials and substances.


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20 APRIL 2024