Ivan Zorin


Ivan is from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. His professional path began in the cadet corps of St. Petersburg with an in-depth study of physics, where he took part in Olympiads in physics and mathematics. Based on his experience, Ivan Zorin has been invited by ITMO University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, where he has completed his BSc degree in Laser and Biomedical Technologies. The work included a research of the problem and a development of the laser for the fractional technology of the skin rejuvenation. 

After that, Ivan studied Photonics and Intelligent optical and laser systems at the University of Eastern Finland (Joensuu, Finland) / ITMO University (St. Petersburg, Russia) in the framework of the double-degree programme. His MSc thesis "Optimizing Microscope with Adaptive Anisoplanatic Corrector" was performed in the collaboration with TUDelft, Netherlands and Flexible Optical B.V., Rijswijk, Netherlands under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Gleb Vdovin. 

Ivan has developed a new approach to the compensation for field-dependent aberrations in microscopy (based of the research and experiments) using different micro-machined membrane deformable mirrors and applying several algorithms of optimization. As a result, Ivan has completed the degree of Master of Science (Honours Degree, i.e. Russian Red degree certificate) with two diplomas.

In 2017 Ivan started his PhD at RECENDT GmbH (Research Center Non Destructive Testing) in the framework of SUPUVIR research project.

Email: ivan.zorin@recendt.at
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