Xavier Forestier

Xavier is from France. He completed his BsC degree of chemistry in 2012 and his master degree of solid state chemistry and materials science (with honour) in 2014, at the University of Rennes 1, in France. During his first internship, at the Glasses & Ceramics laboratory of Rennes, he worked on chalcogenides glasses for the thermoelectricity. His second internship also explored the thermoelectric properties of chalcogenides glasses . During his last internship for his master thesis, he successfully elaborated a self-healing process of soda-lime-silicate glasses for the consortium I.P.G.R (International Partners for Glasses Research) at the laboratory of catalysis and solid state chemistry - UCCS, in Lille, under the supervision of Pr. Lionel Montagne and Pr. François Méar.

The various experiences he has had in glass science and the high interest he has for this field, led Xavier to join the Institute of Electronic Materials Technology in the group of Pr. Buczynski in March 2017. His main goal will be to design and synthesize glasses for the generation of a supercontinuum in all-normal dispersion regime in microstructured fiber optics.

Email: xavier.forestier@itme.edu.pl                                         Phone: +48 513 004 982
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20 APRIL 2024