LEUKOS is a spin-off from XLIM institute, a mixed research unit (UMR 7252) from the French CNRS and the University of Limoges, France. The company was founded by pioneers of supercontinuum generation to develop brand new white-light lasers based on their expertise in nonlinear fibre optics. Since 2006, LEUKOS has been offering solutions to universities, industrials and research institutes worldwide, and it is now recognized as a key supplier of supercontinuum sources.

LEUKOS is headquartered in the North Industrial Park of Limoges, France and has its own R&D premises, including a fully equipped optical laboratory. The company holds a number of patents and scientific publications covering the design and multiple applications of supercontinuum laser. Our team has a strong technical background and engineering experience with a customer-focused approach. We offer catalogue standard solutions and customised products.

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12 AUGUST 2022