Laser Analytics Group

We are a team of physicists, biologists, chemists, and engineers and together we develop and apply modern laser based imaging methods for applications that range from the study of basic chemical processes to molecular mechanisms of disease. Our work is strongly collaborative in nature and the group is a member of several large scale research consortia within the University of Cambridge and beyond, such as the Cambridge Advanced Imaging Centre and the OpenLabTools initiative. We also lead strategic initiatives such as the CamBridgeSens to unite sensor research across the University of Cambridge, and the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Sensor Technologies.


Within SUPUVIR we aim to develop an advanced microscopic screening platform that is enabled by supercontinuum excitation sources. The advantage of high power pulsed supercontinuum radiation is that it permits us to combine standard wide field imaging microscopy with spectroscopic measurements in every image pixel: So instead of just gathering intensity information as in standard microscopy we will be able to measure excitation and emission spectra (exploiting the wide spectral bandwidth of SC sources) and fluoresecence lifetime measurements (exploiting the short pulse length of SC radiation). We can use this information to enable us to see, for example, how drug molecules interact with proteins in living cells, over extended periods of time.


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12 AUGUST 2022