OCT and Infrared & Raman Spectroscopy Group

The OCT activities at RECENDT cover novel developments for the application of OCT to new areas, such as non-destructive testing and contactless material characterization beyond the medical field. The OCT group is, worldwide seen, the pioneering group for polarization-sensitive (PS-)OCT for plastics and polymer composites, proven by multiple publications of the group in renowned scientific journals and by invited talks on international conferences. In 2013 RECENDT hosted the first international conference on OCT in non-destructive testing applications (OCT4NDT, Linz, 2013). The spectroscopic activities at RECENDT cover several technologies, including near-infrared (NIR), mid-infrared (MIR), Terahertz (THz) and Raman spectroscopy. These technologies allow for fast and contactless chemical characterization of surfaces and bulk materials. Efforts are devoted to both basic research as well novel developments suitable for industrial application with a focus on real-time inline process analyses. This is also reflected by the fact that RECENDT is the consortium leader of the Austrian Network for Process Analytical Chemistry (www..k-pac.at), consisting of major Austrian companies and scientific institutions.

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3 OCTOBER 2023