Invited talks by ESRs and supervisors

    1. M.K. Dasa, K. Kwarkye, G. Nteroli, B.O. Efunbajo, M. Bondu, G. Woyessa, N.M. Israelsen, A. Podolenau, A. Bradu, C.R. Petersen, P.M. Moselund, P. Bowen, C. Markos, and O. Bang. "High-pulse energy supercontinuum sources for multi-spectral photoacoustic imaging in the near-infrared wavelength region", Photonics West 2020, San Francisco, USA. Proceedings Volume 11234, Optical Biopsy XVIII: Toward Real-Time Spectroscopic Imaging and Diagnosis; 112340B (2020) [Invited Talk].
    2. A.N. Ghosh, M. Klimczak, R. Buczyński, J.M. Dudley, and T. Sylvestre, “Supercontinuum generation in a suspended core heavy metal oxide glass photonic crystal fiber”. SPIE Photonics Europe 2018, Strasbourg, France, 26 April 2018. (Proc. SPIE 10681, 9 May 2018). [Invited talk].
    3. O. Bang, “Mid-infrared Fibre Supercontinuum Generation”. OSA Advanced Photonics 2018, July 2-5, 2018, Zurich, Switzerland [Invited talk, No. SoTh3H.3]
    4. J.M. Dudley, “Real Time Measurements of Instabilities and Extremes”. Photonics Global Conference, Singapore, 28 June-3 July 2017. [Keynote Lecture].
    5. J.M. Dudley, “New Trends in Nonlinear Guided Wave Optics”. Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics CLEO Europe, Munich, Germany, 25-29 June 2017. [Keynote Lecture].
    6. G. Genty, “Real-time measurements of transient nonlinear dynamics in optical fiber systems”. Laser Optics ICLO 2018, Saint-Petersburg, 4-8 June 2018. [Invited talk].
    7. G. Genty, “Real-Time Measurement of Nonlinear Fiber-Optics Dynamics”. XVI Instabilities and Non-equilibrium Structures 2017, Valparaiso, Chile, 4-8 December 2017. [Invited talk].
    8. G. Genty, “Real time measurements of noise-induced nonlinear dynamics in fiber-optics systems”. International Conference on Wave Interaction, Linz, Austria, 3-7 July 2018. [Invited talk].
    9. C.F. Kaminski, “Fluorescence Imaging of Molecular Mechanisms of Disease”. International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging, Erlangen, Germany, 26 July 2018. [Keynote Lecture].
    10. C.F. Kaminski, “Fluorescence Imaging of Molecular Mechanisms of Disease”. Nanophotonics Wroclaw: 11th International Conference on Nanophotonics, Wrocław, Poland, 2–6 July 2018. [Keynote Lecture].
    11. C.F. Kaminski, “High resolution imaging of local protein synthesis and RNA granule docking reveals the regulation of site specific axon remodelling in vivo”. International Conference on Misfolding Diseases: MD International Conference, Taormina, Italy, 24-27 January 2018. [Invited talk].
    12. C.F. Kaminski, “Super-resolution Microscopy in health and disease.” Spetsai Summer School, Spetsai, Greece, 24 September-1 October, 2017. [Invited talk].
    13. C.F. Kaminski. 10th International Summer School on Molecular/Nano/Biophotonics, Anglet, France, 18-24 June 2017. [Invited lecture].
    14. C.F. Kaminski, “Super-resolution Microscopy of Molecular Mechanisms of Disease.” Oxford Photonics day, Oxford, England, 19 April 2017. [Invited talk].
    15. J. Kilgus, I. Zorin, R. Zimmerleiter, C. Rankl, G. Langer, P. Gattinger, and M. Brandstetter, “Non-Destructive Chemical Imaging with Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy”. Conference on Solid State Analysis, Vienna, Austria, July 2019. [Invited talk].
    16. M. Meneghetti, L.Brilland, C. Caillaud, S. Venck, Y. Wu, and J. Adam, “Fabrication of chalcogenide microstructured optical fibers for the 2-10 µm Mid-IR window”. Advanced architectures in photonics 2018, Cambridge, UK, 2-5 September 2018. [Invited talk].
    17. T. Sylvestre, M. Meneghetti, et. al, “2-10 µm Mid-Infrared Supercontinuum Generation in Cascaded Optical Fibers: Experiment and modelling”. SPIE Photonics West 2020 – BIOS, 1-7 February 2020, San Francisco, USA. [Invited talk].
    18. J. Troles, C. Caillaud, M. Meneghetti, C.R. Petersen, O. Bang, J. Adam, and L. Brilland, “Elaboration of chalcogenide microstructured optical fibers for generation of mid-IR supercontinuum”. 5th Workshop on Speciality Optical Fibers and Their Applications, Limassol, Cyprus, 11-13 October 2017. [Invited talk].
    19. J. Troles, M. Meneghetti, C. Caillaud, L. Brilland, S. Venck, J. Adam, M. Duris, D. Deubel, L. Bodiou, J. Charrier, M. Carras, and M. Brun, “Fabrication of low loss chalcogenide microstructured optical fibers for Mid-IR QCL pigtailing”. 25th International Congress on Glass (ICG 2019), 9-14 June 2019, Boston, USA. [Invited talk].
    20. J. Troles, L. Brilland, M. Meneghetti, R. Chahal, C. Boussard, B. Bureau, S. Venck, and J. Adam, “Chalcogenide microstructured optical fibers for optical sensing”. 25th International Congress on Glass (ICG 2019), 9-14 June 2019,Boston, USA. [Invited talk].
    21. J. Troles, M. Meneghetti, et. al, “Mid-infrared detection of organic compounds with a 2-10 µm supercontinuum source generated from concatenated fluoride and chalcogenide fibers”. SPIE Photonics West 2020 – BIOS, 1-7 February 2020, San Francisco, USA. [Invited talk].
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