SUPUVIR Microscopy and Sensing Workshop

2018, Nov. 26-28, UCAM, Cambridge, UK.

SUPUVIR Microscopy and Sensing Workshop:

The purpose of the workshop was to educate SUPUVIR students in the theory and practice of the principles and use of advanced microscopy techniques. The workshop consisted of lectures that went through the optical physics of microscopic imaging all the way to application, including sample preparation and data processing. A special focus was on the opportunities and uses for supercontinuum laser sources for biophotonics research. The ESRs received technical training in  (1) Biological sample preparation, (2) Microscopy techniques, (3) Image processing and analysis skills, (4) Presenting imaging data, (5) Interdisciplinary work, as well as in transferable skills, such as (1) Peer-to-peer learning, (2) Presentation skills, and (3) Public engagement.

For more information about the workshop please see here.

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