Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique-FEMTO-ST

CNRS-FEMTO-ST carries out both fundamental and applied/industrial research at the highest international level. Typically 50% of the operation budget is provided by industrial contracts, and the institute has spun-off a number of start-up companies in recent years covering diverse fields such as high speed telecommunications and photonic applications. The Optics Department of FEMTO-ST has an international reputation in areas of nonlinear optics, ultrafast optics, chaos and nonlinear dynamics, cryptography, nanophotonics and telecommunications. The Optics and Photonics research group is led by Professor Dudley and consists of 10 permanent staff and typically graduates 3 PhD students/year. The group has made many breakthroughs in nonlinear optics and telecommunications including some of the first experiments in optical chaotic encryption, the first intensity and phase measurements on telecommunications pulses, and pioneering modelling of nonlinear propagation in photonic crystal fibres.

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12 AUGUST 2022